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Ultra Accurate and Fast Laser Engraver & Cutter

CR-Laser Falcon 5W/10W: Ideal for new users, offering budget-friendly laser engraving solutions.
CR-Laser Falcon 10W

Laser Engraving for Detailed Designs

Advanced compressed-spot technology delivers finer details in both engraving and cutting, with precision down to 0.06*0.08mm. Enhance your projects with exceptional accuracy and intricate designs.
One Pass: basswood
Higher Productivity at Higher Speed
Larger Engraving Area: Allows you to engrave more patterns at once, easy to use and more efficient.
Working Area: 400*415mm
Product Features

Leading in Motion Stability

The wheels and shafts with strong belts help CR-Falcon reduce fractions to
achieve ultra-high motion accuracy, and improve engraving and cutting accuracy to 0.01mm.Cutting through thicker materials, customize your big objects to make them cooler, engrave most cylinders and spheres to make unique wine glasses and custom rings.
  • Largely Improved Engraving
  • V-shaped Motion Wheels
  • Synchronous Belt
  • Smooth Shafts
  • Every Detail Matters

  • Stable structure
  • Built-in Leveler
  • Measuring scale on the axis profiles
  • Easy 3 Steps Focusing

  • Loosen the laser module screw.
  • Slide the module until its protective cover touches the focus block.
  • Tighten the screw.
Image of a CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set effortlessly performing high precision engraving on a wooden surface, etching the finely detailed image of an eagle's head. Below the engraver are images and icons of an accessory kit, a protective cover, and a pack of basswood sheets.
A CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set in operation, positioned over a wooden surface with a detailed engraving of an eagle's head. The sleek and metallic machine, known for its high precision engraving, features a prominent red laser module actively working on the design.
A black CrealityFalcon protective cover for a CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set sits on a wooden table. The cover features an orange-tinted viewing window and a hose attachment at the back. The background shows partially open white blinds with some greenery outside. Text above reads,
A photo showing various parts and accessories, including a square mesh panel, a square metal plate, four cylindrical rods with connectors, and some small mounting pads with adhesive backing. Meticulously arranged on a white background, these components ensure easy assembly for your CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set by CrealityFalcon.
A stack of Falcon2 Pro 40W Enclosed Laser Engraver and Cutter Master Engraving Bundle by CrealityFalcon, fanned out in an overlapping arrangement, showcases their versatile design against a plain white background.
A CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set is shown on a table, with a laptop displaying a design connected to it. A close-up inset highlights an SD card slot on the engraver. The text reads
A person is holding a framed picture depicting a dog and a cat. The image highlights the detailed engraving capabilities of the CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set, emphasizing its 0.06 compressed spot precision. A close-up inset shows the fine detail of the engraved fur, showcasing its high precision engraving.
Top image: A CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set in use on a wooden table, showcasing its all-around safety protections. Bottom image: Close-up of the high precision laser engraving a design onto the back of a smartphone case.
Image showcasing the CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set. The top section highlights the entire engraver in action with text:
An image displays various components of the CrealityFalcon CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set, a 10W laser engraver known for high precision engraving, arranged on a dark blue surface. The text above reads
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CR-Laser Falcon 10W Engraver Complete Crafting Engraver Set

Unlock the precision of 10W output for speedy engraving. With 0.06mm high precision and 12mm one-pass cutting, crafting is effortless. Easy operation and quick assembly are included. What's in the...
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What Our Clients Say

CrealityFalcon engravers deliver precision and reliability, earning top marks from satisfied users. Discover the quality that elevates every project!
"I do image designs that many are used for laser etching on cups. So I also etch my designs on cups using the 10w."

Joshua Godbee

Falcon 10W

“I am a designer and mainly use laser to integrate wooden parts into my projects. It happens that they ask me for objects such as key rings, plates and writings, photo engravings (like this example) and I do these jobs on request. ”

Marco Andrea Fichera

Falcon2 22W

“I started doing baseball cap customization business in October 2023, I now achieved a profit of $1,000 per order, and it usually only takes two days to complete a batch of orders. I am my own boss”

Andres Castro

Falcon2 40W

“As a full-time mom, I create and sell custom products on Etsy, turning my passion into profit. I now share my laser crafting knowledge on social media to inspire other women to start their own ventures.”

Heidi Ho

Falcon2 22W


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